Monday, May 30, 2011

Definition of yourself.

You define beauty for yourself, society doesn't define your beauty.
Your spirit and your faith defines your beauty
- Lady Gaga

I'm afraid of losing you, when your not even mine.
But when I tell you that I'll miss you,
it doesn't mean I'll never get over you.
It just means that I wish I didn't have to.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lonely times.

I LOVE HUGS. Not one of those “It’s nice to see you again, I‘ve really missed you” type of hugs or those “Goodbye for now” type of hugs, but an actual hug. The ones where each person has two arms wrapped around the other person’s body, holding on tight enough so no one feels the need to let go. The ones that last for more than a couple of seconds so you can rest your head on the other person’s shoulder for a while. Not the one armed hugs that need to be rushed so they could give a hug to the next person waiting to be hugged. The hugs where you don’t have to say anything because in that moment we just click when we’re holding onto each other. Hugs that make you feel like the world is slowing down just for you and everything is going to be okay. It’s not just a hug anymore, it becomes something much more than that. One simple gesture had the power to motivate you and make you stronger. Hugs like these are rare since you’re not exactly sure when you’re going to receive another one again. Giving you every possible reason to cherish the moment and make it last.
- Anonymous


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Broke my piggy bank :(

Current wants

- Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
(Gonna try the sample later :D )
- Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner !

- A new clutch

- Pair of Heels. Stilettos? :x

- Pair of lens

- Earth tone eyeshadow

- Eyeliner sudah habis

- Lash curler

- Panel Skirt?

- New Purse

(Guess Mummy's getting one for me in U.S. hmm I wish :P )

think that's it.

sort of lazy to update me blog cause' I'm LAZY :P

And Oh~ May's coming, April's going :)

Gonna end my April by partying real hard :)

Good day my fellow people !


No matter how are you doing it, your doing it right !

Just smile, I don't care how weird it is but yeah :D

love you guys :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh My April Fools :)

Hey peeeps ! I'm back in KayElle for good.
End of my dilly delly days in the island.
Ahh~ Time past so fast when I'm back there.
All those fun I had? :D
It was rather awesome. Not that bad after all.
Had the best night partying and got drunk.
etc. etc.

w ma' best friend everr !

& Oh btw, I did something!
Year 2011, New hair

Yes, I chopped off my hairr!
wheeee ~
yes or no? Tell meeee :x

Uhmm. Guess this is it?
kthxbye *mwah!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yaw Bloggieeee ! Announcement announcement ! I'm back in the island for good ! :D
Will update more soon :)
Lots of Love

Friday, March 18, 2011

Show Me Some Love ♥

Today I'm here to show you my definition of L.O.V.E.

Starring, these people whom I love them deep to me bones

I know, I know. I should be doing my assignments right now but what the hell?!
I need to pamper myself a while :P Just a while, wokiee? :P

Well. Here goes :D

Welcome to my silly but berry berry awesome life

They meant the world to me. Without them, I'm nothing.
Hey, I may be a spoiled brat sometimes, uh :P
but them? They're always first in here
My dearest Grandmama :) my awesome mummehh my two annoying but loving brothers
My youngest brother actually wrote me a note when I first left Penang to KL for studies :D
He said, "Hey sis, see you in three months okay? I've to go to school now, so I left you this note."
and I cried. :x
I miss 'em sooo badly now :(
Well, it's already 18th of March today.
Submissions for finals is next week!
then *sings: I'm coming home, coming home~ Tell the world that I'm coming home~ *

this was few years back. We've all GROWN UP now :P I don't look that fuglay now :P HAHAHAHA!

Hereee. Part two of my love, is my friends :)
Without them, my life will never be that FUN ! :D
I wasn't in their league y'know.
In the past few years.
I was a loner :P
I hide myself in a corner w my dearest metal thingy xD which they call 'em "tie lian" in Chinese.
EHERM! I'm not that zi bi anymore kayy.
It's not easy for you to shut my mouth now :D
Good girls gone bitchy ! Yay!
Life's even awesome w them people.

I feel awesome everyday nowadays!
Cause' I know I love 'em and they love me back, yes?

Thank youu for all those epic moments :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011


A Quote A Day keep the laziness away !
Don't let your past distract yourself from moving forward !

I feel alone today.
I felt so left out.
You might ask, Friends? Well, long story.
It's me, myself and I.
Yes. Alone at my own track.
Without anyone to care for.
It's only for myself and my family.
Nowadays, everyone is telling me, there's nothing better than working and fighting for yourself.
Always think for own benefits first.
" We stopped checking for monsters under our bed, when we realized they're inside us. "
This is so so so true :/
Well, I can't deny that everyone have different point of view, some think so but some don't.
Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from mistakes, but never regret ! :)
Don't ever give up, love ! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Here goes another day ♥

Dear Blog
I've been really busy lately, w course works.
Uhhm.. Okay. I'm not that busay heh!
but yeah course works drivin' me crazy, I'm sort of a bitl dilly dally shakin' my tail feather, still.
Yet, I've been doing some stuffs lately. Like, moving to a new place to stay... alone.
Yeah. Alone. W new house mates and stuffs and people. hmm :/
I'm gonna be sooooo quiet after that. Well, needa get use to it.
Independent girl I am :P to be xD
so what's up? Can't wait till end of the March.
I'm comin' home~ comin' homee~ tell da world that I'm comin' homee~ :D
Yesh! Going back to me island *loveees*
I'mma roll all over ma' bedd and meet my darlin's and boobies !
ah ! Need not say much, back to work now :)

She's strong because she used to be weak;
she keeps her guards up because she knows how it feels to cry herself to sleep
I don't mind making mistakes, I know I can always learn from it (:

*booo! I see you :) *

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've missed out too much fun in Penang.
I don't wanna stay in KayElle :(
Life's so bored heree.
other than the entertainments like malls and amazing nightlifes, which I don't even have any.
If you go malls everyday, your gonna be so damn broke, seriously, it's tempting.
I need my girls here. me have no friends hereee, damn lonely lor weih :(
life's bored lahhhhh. (saying this the second time)
Where's my fawesomely happy fifteen days of chinese new year?!
I want my FIFTEEN DAYS of holidays like secondary school :P heh.
so I'm gonna work in Penang in future? :P
I wish to graduate sooner ! :) wish me luck people.

heh! rockin' my bunneh sweater :D I'm lovin' it

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunnylicious ♥

Happy Bunnehlicious Chinese New Year everyoneeee !!! :D

Randomly feel like writing this but there's nothing for me to write.

Oh yeah! I feel like having a tongue piercing. soon, I guess? :)

yes no? YES Definitely

*nibbles nibbles* here comes the bunneh hoppin' around :)